Wednesday, April 11, 2012

global vintage

So from my last post, you know I have just returned from a trip in Europe with my sister. We had an amazing time everywhere we went, and sis being a keen shopper, especially for vintage goods, we did try and seek out vintage stores during our jaunt.

The most we came across were in Stockholm. Being a designy city, you know the second hand wares are gonna be good. We both picked up some great bargains and oh how I wish I could have bought some furniture; one day I will return with a shipping container!

But more than this, the thing I most enjoy about second hand shopping is the history you can gain from rifling through old stuff. I have enjoyed vintage shopping ever since it was just opp shopping, and would get excited about going to an opp shop in another suburb or town to pick up cool coloured glass or some polyester flares. And so much of this was about getting a glimpse of times gone by, whether it was the local Vinnies or a church opp shop in a small town that you stopped for a pie in.

Fab tea set from store in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

So it was with opp shopping in another country. My fave parts were looking through the books and their subjects, even though in Swedish it was still cool to see what was around. And the homewares were great, one tiny store in the old town was run by a sweet old couple, and had kitchenware! Awesome copper cake tins and massive pieces of silver cutlery. I did so well not to buy up big, it may have had something to do with the fact I would have ended up with a 30 kilo backpack, but still.

Next time you want to see a more accessible slice of history from a place you're visiting, whether it's the next town or the next continent, head to the opp shops BEFORE the museum, you can even take a little piece home with you...