Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Blue Mood Continued...

My blue obsession continues, with me moving onto blue fabrics, particularly something I can use as an art piece for our bedroom, which has a massive white wall at the end of the bed with only a walkspace beside it. When only a wall hanging will do...!

So many beautiful arty fabrics out there, here are some faves...

Rigi in colour Ink from Kravet

Siirtolapuutarha Fabric in Blue-Green by Maija Louekari for Marimekko
Fanfare in Kingfisher from Warwick Fabrics

Simboli in Blue & White by Fortuny from Ascraft
Pondicherry Ikat in Blue by Travers from Unique Fabrics

Not completely blue I know! but cool all the same
Geometric by Christian Fischbacher, available from Zepel Fabrics
Salaria in Blue by Travers from Unique Fabrics
Pop Art in Dazzling Blue by Aldeco from Ascraft
Akira in Cobalt from Warwick Fabrics 
362436 in Indigo by Studioilse for Christopher Farr, from Ascraft

Monday, June 10, 2013


Ahh writing. I love to do it, but lately have not been inspired to do so (have you seen how long ago my last post was...?). So, here I am back again. And this is about the colour blue.

It is one of my favourites, ESPECIALLY in interiors. Blue and browns feature predominantly in our own space, so here is an homage to blue, and also a way to get inspired during our ongoing renos.

Hydrangea Blue. Image Wikimedia Commons
The blue that speaks to me most is definitely in the muted shades, darker and more grey blues. Petrol and stormy blues are what I like to be surrounded by. The blue of the season though would have to be royal blue. I am seeing it everywhere atm, I like it, but too loud for my taste. (Although I do love that dress).

Nikes in Royal Blue. Image Blue & Cream
Matthew Eager Bodice Gown. Image Eve Boutique
Blue Butterfly. Image Green Buzz
So it is back to duller blues for my house anyways. Years ago I saved dining chairs from the council cleanup, they were a mess and I had to go to a vinyl factory to find the correct tone of blue (apparently mostly used for marine applications) but I'm very glad I did, 10 years later they still look great, even if I only did get to finish 4 of the 6 chairs I have, much to husband's chagrin.

Beloved dining chair. OK so it looks black but is actually dark navy blue, excuse the crap phone pic.
Now winter is setting in and I am on the lookout for a door blanket as a temporary heat trap measure, these Mexican Blankets on eBay look the ticket:

Blue Mexican Blanket. Image eBay
And don't worry babe, I will finish the last two chairs; eventually.