Tuesday, July 13, 2010

and so I begin...

There are a million design blogs out here.

There are also a million parenting ones.

And plenty of opinion blogs as well.

Dear friends, this is a one stop blogshop for you! My name is Sandra and I live in Melbourne, Australia. At the moment I'm full-time mumming 2 small boys, Lucas who's almost 3 and Robbie who just turned one. In my former life I was an interior designer (still trying to hold onto this mantle - fricken hard) and in the life before that I worked in graphic design. So let's say I am interested in design. Of all things, from salt-shakers to tourist destinations, playgrounds to cities. I'm particularly into things that work on all levels, and have a biased parental kind of viewpoint, so if I see something that works for parents, you'll see it here.

I was inspired after a friend commented on the ridiculous amounts of money some designers (talking your Marc Newsons here) get paid. At that end I can see how it looks a tad unbalanced for the level of work committed. As she said, "it's your job, right?". Then over dinner with my mate Emma, she told me I need to get blogging, and gave me the idea of design of the everyday (Thanks Em!). Since then I have been seeing design everywhere with fresh eyes, and yeah it's your job, but that creativity has to come from somewhere, even if you are designing a playground.

So this is my focus. Days, designed - what I (or the boys) see, like, love, hate, want, encounter, do, whatever. Everyday. (Or nearly everyday).

Welcome. And enjoy!

PS. The stuff I will write about is not necessarily the latest, or the greatest. It's generally local, and if it works for me, or the boys, you'll hear about it.


  1. Well done Sandra, get the flow going X

  2. thank you! it's been great fun and got me really thinking - not to mention out & about. loving it!