Thursday, July 22, 2010

boys and their (big) toys

I'm constantly amazed at how (almost) absolutely anything happening in our world is captivating to small children, and it's fabulous being reminded everyday.

This is not so much a design post as a parenty one, but good if you don't have heaps of cash to be able to take kiddies to the zoo/aquarium/playcentre to keep them occupied. To get out of the house today the boys and I went for a stroll up the street.

Just near our local shopping centre, a brand new block of apartments is being demolished after years of being unoccupied and becoming a dodgy squat due to there not being proper environmental studies done on the site and it being contaminated with something or other... ANYWAYS, a building is being knocked down, and it's right next to a park. The park is where we were headed but upon spying a large excavator like this one...

Image: JCB

the boys, esp Lucas, were happy to hang out and watch it destroy things! super free entertainment if you are ever in need of something low cost and different to do, find a construction site and plonk them near it (from a safe viewing distance of course), they'll love it. I only have boys so not sure if girls would find it as interesting but you never know. They are pretty mighty machines close up so it may capture their attention.

So there we are, Lucas shouting "There's Grabber!" every 20 sec or so (Grabber being an excavator from Bob the Builder), Robbie munching on something or other and pointing from his pram and me standing beside them, bemused. I did wonder what the guys thought about having an audience for a time...

A warning, it did wear off eventually, I guess the boys were into it for about 20min before remembering they were actually at a park, handy for us but not so great if you have made a trip into town to watch some bobcats in action, so be mindful of some sort of escape plan.

Found any good outside the square freebie activities?

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