Monday, July 26, 2010

Clean Lines made the awesome tree

How great is this tree?

the awesome tree

A friend and I stumbled across it while attending the Clean Lines exhibition for the State of Design fest, which was also fab... Adaptive Re-use was the theme of the night, some highlights for me:

Stencil & Screen Art - Ralf Kempken

We were absolutely captivated by the entrance artwork for the exhibition below, and to think it's a cut-up bed sheet!
Unknown Laundry by Ralf Kempken - with cute terrier
Jewellery - Shimara Carlow

Lovely and delicate silverwork, fashioned into pretty pieces inspired by nature. Loved the 'Adaptive-Re-use' of the milkbottle jewellery too! I reckon I might be commissioning a piece of my own...
Image courtesy Shimara
 Lighting - Volker Haug

I had seen Volker Haug's designs on The Design Files and was fascinated, so it was great to see his stuff in the flesh. I love Rudolph!

Animal Art - Rona Green

We loved Rona's work, esp since my companion is an animal lover, Dutch, below was a favourite and my chosen bookmark.

Dutch by Rona Green

All the exhibitors were great, and loved seeing the Adaptive Re-use (theme of the night) of the Mercator Studios (which was originally a laundry), but I do have to say the find of the night was the tree! Have to head back for more shots with the tripod I reckon...

Oh, ending the night with tapas at Kojo Brown was pretty special too - Thanks E!

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