Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The State of Design fest

I'm excited, it's about to start... State of Design festival from this Wednesday!

This is the flyer I got in the mailout...

and perfectly sums up one of the reasons why I started this blog - design really is about everything. Thought it was too timely not to post about it here...

Some events I think worth your consideration...

Melbourne Open House 24-25 July
Alas I won't make it this year as hubs is away and no babysitter - not really a practical event for kids

Design:Made:Trade 15-18 July
I will be attending as part of Furnitex this year, worth a look if you are into new products from local designers (a talented lot)

Booked out this year but a good event with kiddies - build your own patch of the city!

Get those plane designs out there! A hands on workshop and aerial obstacle course for budding plane enthusiasts, one for the older kiddies.

Clean Lines 23-25 July
Looks like a fab exhibition on Adaptive Re-use, a fave topic of my studies. One for the interior designers out there...

There is so much more on, check out

see you there!

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  1. Thanks much for this. Was that a wee dig at my Jake for his recent paper plane escapades that led you to add that workshop? It worked, I have booked us in here in Sydney. Plus the Bending Benini and Backstage Fashion for Hana. Should be a good weekend!