Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parent Room Roll Call #3 - Highpoint

Yeah I know, we've all heard the Knifepoint jokes, but I have to say this shopping mecca can be a bit of a haven for new mums. After having Lucas, Highpoint was my first expedition into a public place with a baby. Mums will know what I'm saying here - this is a major deal. I know it's not what everyone is thinking, but the whole time all you are wondering is what people think of how you are handling the whole baby thing, and whether you are royally stuffing it up or not.

So it was here I came to become part of society again (it was the most crowded, warm and closest place I could think of). First port of call was the below Parents Room for a feed.

Parent's Room - Highpoint
Now it looks pretty plush, and is well equipped. There are 2 booths for breastfeeding, 3 change tables (including one in a breastfeeding booth), a microwave and a large sofa with enough room in the space to manoeuver several prams around in. The family loo is big enough for a pram as well and has both the kid and adult sized toilet.

Feeding booths
Alas on the day I used it, both booths were being used so I had to try and feed on the sofa. Now Lucas and I did not have a great time breastfeeding so I was pretty nervous about being on show but was doing OK. Then another mum came in and sat next to me to feed as well, her bub was 3 months old and an old hand at the whole feeding gig so I tried to look as though I knew what I was doing.

Sofa beside the parent highway
We then had a parade of parents using the facilities and unfortunately the placement of the sofa means everyone does a drive by in the pram (and an ogle) before finding what they need, fine if you're cool with the whole baby thing, complete nightmare if you are struggling, so I guess this would be the only drawback to this space, otherwise quite a good room.

I understand this room (near Border's on the lower floor) is the newest one at the centre, and after a quick peek in the other parent rooms (there are many) I reckon it is probably the best one. The others are a bit poky and only one other I saw had booths. Most had family loos and the one we used had a kid's loo as well (near Big W). I did not get to all the rooms so if you have any other tips, feel free to share!

All up, Highpoint is a decent sized one-stop-shop for an outing with bubs, a good variety of places to go (although it's pretty big as a centre so running 3 year old is easily lost). Definitely try and go on a weekday as it can get pretty crowded on a weekend and prams are hard to get through the people traffic. Food court is a big circle again, but has too many exits to keep a roaming toddler's mum on her toes. Good variety of food on offer though so if you can keep the kid still with food - give it a go!

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