Wednesday, February 8, 2012

is this the best waterplay ever?

Earlier this year a friend and I unearthed an amazing new play area at Darling Quarter, beside Darling Harbour in Sydney. We were amazed to find a massive playground, huge waterplay system (complete with pumps, dams and gates), slides, swings, you name it they had it.

Darling Quarter waterplay space. Image: ASPECT Studios
I was so impressed I insisted we take the boys as soon as we could, and of course they absolutely loved it! I don't blame them, if there weren't so many kids there (it was school holidays) I would have been running through the fountains myself!

Robbie splashing at Darling Quarter

So after getting some inside info, it seems the clever crew who designed this park had already built a multi-award winning park down at Pyrmont Point called Pirrama Park (don't worry, we'll be heading there soon as well) and won the opportunity to design the urban spaces at Darling Quarter based on this.

Aspect Studios are behind this amazing public domain, and I can't express how successful this design is. The interaction between the users and the space is continuous, and the collaboration between them and Waterforms International to make this stunning waterplay area is genius. We'll be back for sure.

Lucas saturated at Darling Quarter

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