Thursday, August 12, 2010

Toast and Miss Marmalade

Went to Miss Marmalade for brunch on Saturday - first time we have done brunch anywhere since the boys came along. And this was only made possible by the back room with play area at this fab little caf in Brunswick.
Funky lighting at Miss Marmalade
I know, I know, there are heaps of cafes with little play areas around, but often they are in the corner of a main part of the cafe, and the kiddies aren't really away from other diners here. There are plenty of mums who think their lively little sprogs should be tolerated by all and sundry, but people (including myself) go to cafes to have a leisurely meal, not be entertained by other people's kids no matter how unruly they are.

Comfy-but-cool interior of the front dining area
This is the nice thing about Miss Marmalade - the play area is in a whole other room, so kid-free peeps can still hang out the front in peace.

The boys in the play area in the rear room at Miss Marmalade - yay for space!
Quirky art in the back room
Coffee was great, breakfast was yum (I had the corn fritters and hubs had the big breakie of course - both very tasty meals) and the boys were pleased with their sourdough vegemite toast. Have been back a few times since and the coffee has been consistently good, kids area relatively free and staff friendly and super accommodating. Plus the park nearby is rather convenient for a run-about just to ensure little people are well and truly ready for a nap on their return home.

So it wasn't a long and leisurely brunch, but it was still out of the house on a Saturday morning and someone else cooking breakfast for us - spoilt!


  1. yes! and I completely forgot to mention the large pram-accommodating toilet, complete with change table and spare nappies. how fab is that?!