Thursday, September 30, 2010

aaah... the Show

We did it. We took the boys to the (Royal Agricultural) Show last week, and someone please tell me why is it never as good as you remember??? Must be the gloss wearing off the shite you get in the showbags, and the fact I am not a teenager going on endless roundybouty make-me-sicky rides just to meet a few (bogan) boys... aaahhh the memories!

Lucas meets a duckling
The round up of the day is that I probably wouldn't take younger kiddies to the Show, it is a little much for them I reckon. The lure for us were the animals and the fact that the kiddies could get up close and personal with baby lambs/piglets/calves etc but they were not overly interested, much more into the people watching and general mayhem going on around them. One year old was content to hang in the pram and observe, 3 year old did not know if he was coming or going most of the day.

Calf No 68
Baby animals are amusing for so long before they are boring. The kiddie rides were still a little too daunting for him (although we probably could have convinced him the kid's (very slow) roller coaster would have been OK), so we ended up going on a clackety crap train ride (with extortionate fares). Twice. (Well, they had painted them up to look like Gordon and Henry the Express Engines, hence the insistence that these were THE only trains we were to go on. Not entirely sure they had approval from Thomas and Friends but there you go).

Look, it's "Gordon" and "Henry"
It was amusing at one point when Lucas had control over where we were headed to, he literally ran one way, then the other, then back again while yelling incoherent statements to anyone in earshot (lots of people). It was at this point I surmised we might be waiting a few years before venturing to the show again, the poor kid did not know what to do. Still he loved the ferris wheel, was stoked with his showbag (I have to say I was less than impressed with the loot) and we all got out relatively unscathed and with (some) money left in the bank.

Robbie takes in the view
From a design perspective, this was the first year I ventured through the Arts & Crafts pavillion to have a looksee. Saw some great stuff! Awesome cake decorators, quilters, amateur artists and fashion designers exhibiting their works. I'll have to allocate more time on our next visit as I was enamoured with it all, but hubs was entirely non-plussed. Next time I go in there on my own.

Highlight of the day for me? Spotting a drink holder on the back of a pram with baby's milk bottle and some snacks nestled beside a can of Southern Comfort - Class with a capital C.

But, as I walked away looking around at the general chaos, a can of Southern Comfort could just give a day at the Show that special edge, that certain something.

Next time, I go prepared.


  1. something else hubs is entirely non-plussed about is being referred to as 'hubs'.

  2. LOL, surely it's better than 'hubby'? i would hate being called wifey (just for future reference)

  3. Haha, that is so another post right there. I dislike wife or wifey, and struggle with husband, hubby or any of the other derivatives.
    As for the show, my kids are only really old enough to properly enjoy it now so you have a few years before you have to venture back and time to save to be able to afford it when you do go!
    Showbags are the biggest rort out there, like we don't already have enough plastic crapola around the house.