Sunday, September 5, 2010

To market, to market...

Been awhile since my last posting - apologies but I got a private design job - yay! - with a tight deadline - boo! - all done and dusted so back to the meaty stuff...

Can you tell I like markets yet? My mate A clued me on on another goodie, the North Melbourne Market a couple of weeks ago and had to share some cool finds with you (thanks A!). The wonderful Thread Den peeps put it on and there is plenty of crafty goodness and vintage treasures to be discovered at the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street (quirky venue too). There are a couple more dates this year - check it out!

love rosie clarke

Sweet tea cosy - Love Rosie Clarke
I fell in love with Rosie's cute creations and have ordered some custom-coloured crochet bangles to be picked up at the October event (I will be there Rosie!). How sweet is the pineapple? Such a shame my blurry pic does it no justice. Rosie's website is in the works but in the meantime she will be at the next North Melbourne Market day!

Cool Pineapple! Crap photography!


These porcelain creations are just stunning, could not walk away without my own pretty porcelain bangle with the stunning red design you can just make out on the pendant in the pic- love! (I seem to be getting rather girly in my older years...)

Lavallier Pendant
All these items are handmade in Melbourne and can be purchased on their website, they are also developing some lovely homewares and candle holders which I'll be checking out at the next market fosho...

ena designs

I was bummed I did not have enough cash on me (was nearing the end of my sojourn) to get one of these sweater tops for the boys, how cool are they? It's OK though cause the fab thing is that ena designs are available at The Olive Grove, a shop that just happens to be at the end of my street ;)

ens designs funky clothes for kiddies
Not only they are the designs uber-cool, they are very feel-good products - sweat shop free, low impact, envro friendly and locally produced - what more could you ask for? You can grab ena design's wares at The Olive Grove or at the next market - yay!

Too cool for school
two layers of cells

These are some groovy lamps (yes lamps again, I know but I can't help it ;)

Lamps by two layers of cells

two layers of cells are a Melbourne company doing some fun stuff with lamps, I love the falling man design below...

The best thing about these lamps is you can get a 'Draw your Own' kit, great for kid's who are into decorating their rooms their way (and let's face it, I don't know a kid who wouldn't want to) great pressie for the budding artist and they are available online - score!

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