Thursday, September 16, 2010

Playcentre plays...

A and I took the boys to Kidzzone the other week so I thought I'd add to the community service parent rooms reviews and do one for playcentres too (some of them can be a bit dodgy, and yes I am willing to let my children into dodgy looking ballpits but only cause I love you).

Aaah the bacteria den that is the ballpit
The Kidzzone at Coburg has the usual setup, with a toddler friendly cordoned off area for kids under 4 (not sure if the fence is to keep the little kids in or the big ones out), larger climbing maze for bigger kids, a jumping castle and a couple of trampolines, with a few pay as you go rides and skilltesters thrown in for good measure. There are also private party booths you can hire as well as a large seating area with tables and chairs for parents - could also be good for mum's groups or family gatherings too.

Slide and ballpit in toddler play area at Kidzzone
The toddler space is roomy and has a mini climbing castle maze, ballpit and slide and soft, cushiony obstacle type shapes for littlies to climb about on. The only downside is the adult height gate, which I spent half the time opening and closing for a 3 year old, but small things. The big plus side is there is a sofa for mums who are over coaxing their kid out of the ballpit and are happy to sit and watch (or gaze into the middle distance as you zone out).

Climbing maze in toddler play area at Kidzzone
Lucas was super impressed with the larger climbing frame and jumping castle. Actually he and M were all over the shop, basically because they had the run of the place on a weekday so they were chuffed. You could lose kids in the climbing maze, it is so large (thank eff he didn't get stuck up there so no search and rescue operation was required, unlike our trip to Bunnings, but that's another story entirely).

Climbing Maze at Kidzzone
Awesome actual jumping Castle at Kidzzone
And I was impressed that the jumping castle is actually a castle and not some lame take on an underwater themed land or some such thing. The whole place has a medieval castley dragony theme to it, with the booths painted up with either a Knight, Dragon, Princess or Fairy theme, kinda tacky but kids love it (hubs would recoil at the artwork, but he is an illustrator so there you go).

Themed party booths at Kidzzone
The food is pretty good, sadly the kids menu is a little all party pies and hot chips, most kids love that stuff, but I may just have the fussiest of fussy eaters who does not even go for a hot chip, good in some ways, really annoying in others. Coffees are good and that's all you really need, self cater for your kiddies and all is OK - as long as they run themselves ragged and pass out when you get home - it's all good!

Going for it on the tramps!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Sandra. We've never been to a play centre..but as this one is oh so close to us...we better give it a go! Lord knows we've had enough of these cloudy olde days in Melbourne lately to warrant a trip to a play centre. Loving your photos Sandra...keep on blogging sweet mumma! xp

  2. No worries, Pen, and thanks for reading! Yeah the cloudy days have definitely overstayed their welcome, and this playcentre is a bit of a haven but would be very scary during school holidays - you have been warned! Maybe a playcentre playdate might be in order?

  3. My playgroup has been here a few times on rainy days although I have never been there yet. It looks about 100 times cooler than I imagined. I will definitely be heading there soon. I can't believe the food is even good.

    If you ever want some ideas for fussy eaters, I've got a few ideas up on my blog

    I'm sure there will be lots more posts coming as Leo is full of new fussiness every day.

  4. Hi Eleanor, yeah the centre is pretty good - I would not say the food is great, but it is OK, lots of variety for adults anyway.

    Had a look on your blog, you have some interesting stuff up there - particularly liked the link to the article 'It's not about nutrition' - 'food' for thought anyway (sorry terrible pun!) will keep an eye on it for the fussy eater in my life. My secret weapon? Pureed cauliflower in macaroni cheese (may not be much of a secret but hey)

  5. So is Ruby too young for this one? I have taken her to a couple with Blake, but the trip has been more for him. She has been able to play, but in quite a small section. In the warmer weather, she has just as much fun in the sandpit in the backyard!

  6. Hey Dal, I reckon Ruby would have more fun in the toddler area now that she's up on her feet - lots of climbing on soft shapes and a ballpit to boot! let's head up one day? (although very crowded during school hols...)