Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i heart ikea

It is no secret to people that know me that I absolutely looove Ikea. Being in the interior industry, you either have a love or hate relationship with this place, and mine is definitely LOVE! This may sound a little unhinged, but I could spend hours there, wandering about getting lost, finding cool new textiles and fantasising about all the amazing things I could make if only I had a sewing machine (and could actually sew), thinking up new and amazing ways to use their clever storage in my non-existent hallway, checking out their kitchen ranges (have you seen them? - they are really something) and just generally wishing I owned my own house so I could fill it up with Ikea goodness.

A disclaimer here. I used to shop here alot for my work, so I know the place back-to-front, plus all the shortcuts through the showroom and marketplace, and I ONLY ever go on a weekday. It is not much fun on the weekend at all.

Smaland image from Ikea
That being said, I did brave Ikea during the school holidays and low and behold, now that Lucas is 3 he is able to go to Smaland.... I now love Ikea even more if that is even possible! Smaland is a play area and care facility at the entrance to Ikea (in Victoria anyway), it has the obligatory ball pit but also has a chillout space, drawing table and indoor swinging tree things that looked like fun. Lucas was in heaven and did not want to leave. They take your kids for an hour and let you shop in peace - bliss! Although an hour in Ikea is never enough, it gave me long enough to get the bits I needed that day, and the good thing is there is a pick up point inside the store so you don't need to go outside to pick them up - handy!

Their design ethos is sound and super practical, they have the needs of a family and it's practicalities in place while everything is stylishly designed and oh-so Swedish. Their new parents range also covers everything you could need or want, without going OTT like some baby specialists do with the equipment you may 'need' for your new baby. And to top it all off, it's priced at wallet friendly rates which not only means you can fill your house with it all, you won't stress too much about having a garage sale when your kid decides they hate red and insist on their room having GREEN drawers ONLY!

So anyway, enough of my gushing about our Swedish designer friends, you know how much I love them, I am just happy they have made shopping there even better for me! Oh, that and the fact I can't go past their (very kid friendly) restaurant without getting my hands on a plate of their swedish meatballs. yum.
Swedish Meatballs from Ikea


  1. Ohhh makes me want to go check it out. We need some items for the kids, may go and get some high chairs and accessories this weekend! Im hoping the sydney store has this play area!

  2. We haven't braved Ikea for ages but you've certainly provided some inspiration. One of my cousins recently noted that he thought a person's intelligence was directly related to the speed at which they travel through Ikea so you must be a genius with your shortcuts!

  3. @ Pauline, yes the Sydney store does have a play place for kids!
    I, too, love me some Ikea, mostly for the ideas rather than the actual products.
    Toby, however, is not keen on Ikea. In fact he dislikes it so, that since our first and last adventure there together, whenever he has a meltdown I now call it an Ikea moment. I sometimes feel like painting a couple of arrows on the floor at home to get some giggles in, but he may not see the humour in it.

  4. @Pauline - for sure Pauls, they have so much in the way of handy, plus I sold my too big expensive highchair on ebay and bought the ikea el cheapo - wayyy easier to clean

    @Eleanor - I like the shortcut=genius theory, I'm keeping that one!

    @Cookie - aaah the Ikea moment, there really is no other way to describe it. it can be quite nightmarish when you can't see the way out!